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Curly 'N' Blondie's Hideaway

Lafayette, Indiana

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Map of Curly 'N' Blondie's Hideaway
3269 Teal Rd
Lafayette, IN 47905-2236

Curly 'n' Blondie's Hideaway is located on Teal Road in Lafayette just West of Sagamore Parkway. Look for the Teal Plaza sign and hidden away back there is the Hideaway.

Curly 'n' Blondie's Hideaway is Lafayette's premier Rock 'n Roll club. You can find a band there every weekend but of course the best weekends are those when Fast Forward is on stage.

Check out the pool tables while Fast Forward is a taking a break. Of course, if you'd rather play pool than dance you can still hear us above the sound of the balls breaking.

Buckets of iced beer are a Hideaway specialty. If you prefer draft they have that of course.

Every day there's a drink special too.

Let one of their star bartenders prepare your favorite mixed drink

Check out the Menu:

Also, there's a lunch special every weekday.

Curly wants everyone to have a good time. You can be sure he knows how to do that. Don't forget to keep your ticket stubs, he gives away lots of door prizes.

Blondie keeps things rolling smoothly. Say hi to her and you'll be treated to that sweet smile.


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